‘Get Ready With Me’

This is my daily get ready routine! Read More

Infinite, passionate, fiery love.

As vast as the sky, and deep as the ocean. Thats the love I need, the love I desire, the love I crave. “As the Father loves me, I have loved you.”  This is a Read More

Good Friday!

I grabbed all the covers, and pillows off my bed.. Which if you knew me, you would know that took SEVERAL trips. I made a little comfy area on the patio, and spent a few Read More

Inadequate :

Today was hard. I feel completely self centered to even admit it, that nothing bad happened, but today was so difficult. I am sure guys have a version of “this” day, but the girl version.. or Read More

I kissed dating goodbye, and also found a loophole.

Clearly, by this title you know the topic we are about to discuss. The thing everyone wants to hear about, from my six year old cousin, to my grandma. Everyone has an opinion. How old Read More

Suicide, and mental illness…

This blog may possibly be one of the most rash I have written, and for that-I don’t apologize. I am tired, and angry at a trick that I have seen rising.. The trick of secrecy and isolation. Over Read More

Falling in love, or in habit?

Growing up I went to church everytime the doors were open- I still do, and when we are on tour  I watch my church’s Ustream-sometimes for both services. I feel like I need to.. It Read More

I love, loveeeeee. <3

Love: Because I walked into Target yesterday and saw Valentines Day Signs all over. Love to me, is….Someone who sticks with you not matter what, with a love that is unconditional. What about someone who Read More

I REALLY should keep quiet!

No sugar coating this blog: I need to hear Jesus’ voice more often. This is something that has been troubling me for a few weeks. Because yes I spend time in His presence, yes I Read More

He isn’t a slut:

I want to know God’s heart. I am striving after Him, daily. I really just want to know Him. I have been bothered at times why I don’t just KNOW Him already? How long does Read More