I love, loveeeeee. <3

Love: Because I walked into Target yesterday and saw Valentines Day Signs all over.

Love to me, is….Someone who sticks with you not matter what, with a love that is unconditional. What about someone who loves you so much they completely take care of you and your bills. They would do this no matter what, whether you loved them and were devoted to them or not . Even if you decided you wanted nothing to do with them, they just fight for you and never leave!

That is so perfect to me. I want a manly man, who loves me even when I mess up.. And when I get upset I want to be comforted by him ..


So, I’ve been reading through the Bible beginning to end..( I am in Mark) and I am noticing a trend. The people always turn away from God!! Like, 80% of the time. They will be listening to his voice audibly (Just like talking to your bestfriend) and less than thirty days later they have golden idols up and are already worshiping something else! Yet, every time they realize that they need God.. He comes back and takes care of them and their sticky situations. He comes into their lives again with grace and unconditional love.

Now, think.. of all the things you might feel guilty for in life.. or all of the bad, and dishonest things you have done. . Now in the Bible its clear that ALL of these things MUST be paid for .. and the payment/penalty is death…Now, I don’t know about you. But that is QUITE a large bill to pay.

But by love and grace .. it is already paid in full. That is a debt we honestly could NEVER pay back.

I guess what I am trying to say, is look at this love story between us the Bride of Christ and Himself. Unconditional love, paying our ultimate debts. He is perfect, and incredible. One of the things I absolutely love about Christ is the way he heals broken hearts (among many other things I love about Him.) Sometimes your just broken, there are so many broken people on this planet. But I know personally, from experience that God can take the most brutally beaten and torn up hearts, and He can make them feel brand new. Fresh, and able to trust and love again. He is the ultimate lover of our soul. I mean He knows EVERY thought and EVERY action we have or make! And He STILL LOVES US! He knows our deepest secrets yet He still died for us..When I sit and think of this.. it brings me to tears.

HE is the perfect love story, and I have fallen.. Have you?

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