I REALLY should keep quiet!

No sugar coating this blog: I need to hear Jesus’ voice more often. This is something that has been troubling me for a few weeks. Because yes I spend time in His presence, yes I read my Bible daily, and yes I pray. But to listen… THAT is so much different. Even when I am soaking in His presence- I don’t ALWAYS hear Him, because my brain is praying!  I decided to just Google, “How to hear God’s voice?” … Then a few ridiculous 7 step programs came up- One you had to by the Dvds for $49.99– Please don’t do that.

I personally don’t believe it is suppose to be that tough..

Tonight I am in a hotel room-at Disney!- But I haven’t been feeling all that great so I decided to skip out on dinner with everyone, and “better”. Little did I know that I was really about to spend the next few hours in the Word and in prayer||| Sometimes God just pulls you in||| At the end of my little Jesus session, I realized I had done all the talking….yet, again.

“I’m tired of this! I want to hear Jesus!!” I thought..

I laid down face towards the ceiling, turned off every noise/distraction and said “Jesus, I love you- I am ready to listen. Please speak to me.”

And He did. He spoke to me about an issue I have been praying about for quite sometime||I wonder when I would have gotten my answer if I had shut up a little sooner?

You see in John 10:27 Jesus (literally Jesus Himself!–Its in red) says

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

This passage alone brings me to believe that if I love Jesus, and claim to be a follower of Him–I SHOULD hear His voice. But it takes me putting aside a few precious moments-quieting myself.. and listening.

I bet His is speaking to you.. are you listening?

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