Servant or Slave?

This is a follow up to my last blog. 🙂

I talked about how God calls us to be humble servants, and how it could really change the world.

But now I have another challenge for you.. When you are being the humble servant, are you pleasant about it? Or are you grumbling? Because the last thing you wanted to do today was clean the kitchen but you know you should.

I HATE doing the dishes, I think they are just plain nasty. I would rather do ANYTHING than the dishes.. But sometimes I decide to do them anyways, because I know my mom will have to do them when she gets home from work if I don’t. I have to admit though, 9 times out of 10.. I’m NOT dancing around cheerfully as I scrape the syrup off the plates. yuck.

Ever since I was little my mom has crammed this verse into my head “Do all things without grumbling and complaining.” Phil. 2:14

I know its tough! Believe me. But it makes for such a more wonderful day.

So, this is what I do now… I dance and sing while blaring my music (As loud as possible). I ask God to help me stay cheerful, even if I get nasty old oatmeal on my hands. ha. gross. And I asked Him to help change my heart, and make it ‘softer’. It won’t happen over night, and its tough to try and retrain your mind to think positively and not grumbly. Its worth it.

This is the difference between a slave and a servant.

So, what are you? Slave, or Servant?

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